Social Housing

Hassle-free property investment with returns of around 9% or more.

Invest in social housing and enjoy secure, government-backed income.

The UK’s housing crisis presents a potentially lucrative investment opportunity.

With more than 250,000 people currently homeless and many more vulnerable people needing a permanent place to call home, the UK’s housing crisis presents a potentially lucrative investment for private investors.

While the British government has been working to solve the issue since 2010, their efforts continue to fall short. It’s estimated that it will take in excess of £250 billion to tackle the chronic shortage of social and affordable housing.

With demand continuing to rise, you can help fill the gap in the housing crisis and reap the financial rewards.

How to invest in social housing

If you’re interested in potentially profitable ways to do good with your wealth, there are two distinct areas of investment opportunity:

1.  Social housing

Provides homes to low-income families and individuals

2. Supported living

Specifically designed for individuals who need additional support alongside a place to call home. This may include adults with learning difficulties who might need live-in carers, people with mental health needs, or individuals with addiction problems.

Supported living accommodation is a popular alternative to residential care because it offers greater opportunity for independent living and improved care outcomes.

For investors, since supported living accommodation is fully funded through the welfare system, it typically attracts higher rents than other forms of social housing – often delivering yields of 9% or more.

We’ll explain everything you need to know

If investing in social housing is new to you, we’ll explain everything you need to know and ensure you have all the information you need to make a well-informed decision.

Our team of investment consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are here to walk you through the whole investing process and keep you up to date with current and future opportunities.

We’ll explain everything you need to know