Rated: Top 5 most liveable cities for expats

A recent survey by Global Finance has revealed some of the most liveable international cities.

Based on factors such as quality of life, economic strength, and cultural development, the study offers some interesting insights about world cities that attract expats.

Whatever lifestyle you're looking for, here are the top five most liveable cities.

5.  Melbourne, Australia

A friendly and diverse city famous for its natural beauty, Melbourne narrowly beats Sydney for the number five spot in this list of most liveable cities.

From trendy South Melbourne with its markets and bars, to hipster-heaven Brunswick, beautiful Brighton, and smart Armadale, there's a neighbourhood and lifestyle to suit every taste.

Known for its coffee, cuisine, and easy-going culture, Melbourne’s recent focus on environmental initiatives have also put it on the map as one of the most sustainable cities in the world.

4. Singapore, Republic of Singapore

With temperatures rarely dipping below 25 degrees Celsius, excellent food, and vibrant culture, Singapore has everything an expat could want. Whether you’re a single expat or relocating to Singapore as a family, it's easy to find your place in the crowd.

Singapore is a great location to do business and its strong economy attracts expat workers from across the world. This means that there is an abundance of job opportunities for people who want to settle down.

3. Shanghai, China

Because its score on economic strength, cultural significance, and environmental safety leaves a lot to be desired, based on traditional metrics, Shanghai would not usually have ranked in the top 10.

However, the exceptionally low Covid-19 death figures –thanks to China’s zero-covid policy – and its strong population growth helped it achieve third position.

Shanghai boasts a thriving expat community, making it relatively easy to meet other expats drawn to the city. With busy shopping malls, haute cuisine, and a fashionable bar scene, Shanghai is considered one of the most sophisticated Chinese cities.

2. Tokyo, Japan

The world’s second-largest economy and home to more than 10million people, Tokyo is famed for its rich culture, incredibly diverse food culture, efficient transportation, and friendly people.

The city is also known to demonstrate a passion for research and development into tech sectors.

While cost of living can be high, the quality of life on offer – including good schools and excellent health care – make it an ideal location to raise a family.

If you want to escape the busy hustle and bustle of the city, away from the central districts, you can find plenty of cosy suburbs that offer a more peaceful alternative to the noise of inner-city life.

Interestingly, the study from Global Finance highlighted the fact that Tokyo is one of the few cities among the top 10 to suffer a population decline in the past year.

1. London

Taking the number one spot, London is the most popular choice for international expats. With wide-ranging culture from world-renowned museums to Buckingham Palace to open green spaces of Hyde Park and Regent’s Park, there’s no shortage of things to see and do.

London is also home to many of the world's best chefs. Having trained all over the globe, they create a diverse and ever-changing food scene.

As a major international financial hub, the city offers an abundance of work opportunities for professionals in finance and technology too.

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