How to plant trees and help reforest the world in 2023, and beyond

With your help, in2022, we planted more than 200 trees and saved 61 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

To put that quantity of CO2 into perspective, 61 tonnes is equivalent to:

  • Flying from Paris to New York and back again 61 times
  • Driving a diesel car from Land’s End to John O’Groats an exhausting 271 times!

We are committed to being a carbon negative company and there are several ways we are working to achieve this.

We use as little paper as possible to conduct business and always choose digital options where we can. More excitingly, we’ve teamed up with Tree-Nation, who are on a determined mission to plant 1trillion trees by 2050.

We have a net zero website

Our net zero website automatically compensates for all theCO2 emissions the site generates.

By measuring the website usage and calculating its related emissions, a clever algorithm knows how many trees we must plant to offset these emissions.

Since launching our website, we’ve had more than 34,000 pageviews, all CO2 neutral.

We plant a tree every time we take on a new client

From Brazil to Nepal and many countries in between, we have been busy planting trees to help reforest the world and offset our carbon footprint.

Since signing up to the Tree-Nation, we have planted trees in more than 20 countries around the world.

Top 10 benefits of planting trees for humans and the environment

  1. Trees purify water and slow down rain by filtering it with their roots, preventing erosion and reducing the risk of saturation and flooding.
  2. Around one-third of the world’s largest cities rely on protected forest areas for a large proportion of their drinking water – including New York and Singapore.
  3. Many of the world’s extreme poor live close to a forested area – in some tropical and subtropical regions, food, drink, and equipment obtained from these forests can account for up to 28% of total household earnings.
  4. We derive many medicines from tree bark, leaves, and flowers of different species – and it’s not only herbal medicines –many pharmaceutical industries also use compounds originally extracted from trees.
  5. Trees and nature have been shown to improve mental health and cognition in both healthy individuals and those suffering from mental illness.
  6. As well as absorbing CO2, trees also absorb harmful pollutant gases, including sulphur dioxide, ammonia, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen oxides.
  7. Forests support around 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity – ranging from small invertebrates to large mammals.
  8. Trees also support large numbers of insect populations– some trees support more than 300 species of insect.
  9. 100 species a day could go extinct from the loss of tropical rainforests.
  10. Every year, forests and trees absorb the equivalent of 2 billion tonnes of CO2, roughly one-third of all CO2 released from the burning of fossil fuels.

How you can help us plant more trees in 2023

Every time we take on a new client, we offset the carbon by planting a tree – in December 2022 alone, we planted a total of 132 trees.

So, if you know someone who may benefit from our support and advice, please share our details or send a link to our website so that they can find out more about the work we do. Alternatively, share the contact details for your Alexander Peter financial planner.

We specialise inworking with British expats and international employees living around the world. Our team of experts can help people in various financial circumstances and from a wide range of backgrounds.

In particular, we can help people who are:

  • Preparing for retirement
  • In retirement
  • Looking to move abroad.

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