5 fabulous ways you can invest in the planet this Earth Day

22 April 2023 marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day.

Founded in 1970 by a Wisconsin senator who organised a national demonstration in the US to raise awareness of environmental issues, Earth Day helps to preserve the natural world and spread awareness of the issues facing our planet.

Today, according to Euro News, “events around the world bring together 1 billion people in more than 193 countries to protest, care for the environment and take action on climate change.”

The theme this year – “Invest in Our Planet” – highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving the climate crisis. Read on for five simple ways you can make a difference.

1. Cut down single-use plastic and invest in a refillable water bottle

Plastic pollution is one of the most important environmental problems we face. Unfortunately, we all contribute to the problem. Ideally, we should work together to reduce and – hopefully, one day – end plastic pollution.

One way to do your part is to reduce your plastic consumption by investing in a re-usable water bottle. Even if you're throwing your plastic water bottles into the recycling bin, this is still harmful to the environment.

Need more convincing? Consider these sobering statistics :

  • In the US alone, water bottle manufacturing takes 1.5 million barrels of oil every year – more than it would take to power 100,000 homes
  • Even with recycling facilities, more than 2 million tonnes of water bottles have ended up in US landfills.

Buying a reusable bottle, may only make a small impact, but if we all do it, eventually it will change these numbers, and prevent more environmental damage.

If you’d like to go further, check out other ways you could reduce your plastic consumption by using the plastic calculator on the official Earth Day website.

2. Go plogging

Unfortunately, litter is an ongoing battle in the modern world. One of the simplest ways you can help the planet is to walk through your neighbourhood and do a litter-pick as you go.

If you're feeling fit and want to take things up a level, try “plogging” – a brilliant word that combines the Swedish term "plocka" (which means pick up) and jogging.

This makes plogging an ideal way to invest in your health, have some fun and help clean up your local environment. Plus, it’s such a great word you’ll be inspired to try it, just so you can tell people, “I’ve been plogging!”

3. Grow wildflowers and native plants in your garden

Wildflowers are wonderful. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also attract insects that can improve pest control and enhance pollination – so every year we should all enjoy more flowers and better harvests.

Try adding a couple of native plants or new wildflowers to your garden each year, and you should enjoy more pollinators and a variety of birds, too. Planting a pollinator garden using species native to your area can help support populations of butterflies, bees, and other insects to improve sustainable biodiversity.

4. Rethink your diet

Every year, around 33% of all food produced around the world is lost or wasted. And much of this waste occurs after we buy the food. In fact, figures suggest that the annual cost of food waste for an average American family could be as high as $1,866.

There are a variety of ways to help reduce waste and make better food choices to reduce negative effects on the planet. For example, pre-planning your menu for the week will help you think ahead about what you need to buy when doing your weekly grocery shop. Also, consider your food footprint, or what it takes to get your food from the farm to your plate.

5. Plant a tree  

Trees are truly amazing, providing numerous benefits to the environment, they:

  • Capture carbon
  • Cool overheated places
  • Benefit agriculture
  • Support pollinators
  • Reduce the risk of disease transmission
  • Boost local economies.

Indeed, planting one oak tree attracts more insect and bird species than an entire yard of plants.

One simple way to plant more trees is to recommend Alexander Peter to your family, friends, and colleagues, because every time we take on anew client, we offset the carbon by planting a tree. You can read more about our carbon negative client referral incentive on our website.

If you know someone who may benefit from our support and advice, please share our details, or send a link to our website so that they can find out more about what we do. Alternatively, share the contact details for your Alexander Peter financial planner.

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