US Expat

The financial requirements and solutions for expat Americans around the globe differ from any other expat. In the main this is because the IRS tax on a citizenship basis and not residency alone. In addition with the advent of FATCA from the 1st July 2014 it is more important than ever to get advice from professionals that understand the issues faced by expat Americans.

Many financial products that work for other expatriates such as an Assurance Vie in France or other tax efficient savings plan in your country of residence may not be appropriate for an expat American. This is quite simply due to how the IRS view foreign plans such as these and the tax rates associated can be extremely punitive. The U.S tax rules that surround this issue were designed in the 80’s not with expats in mind but rather to deter wealthy American residents from investing outside the U.S in offshore tax shelters. Unfortunately the U.S tax system makes no distinction between a US resident investing outside the U.S and a non resident American investing outside the US. Two completely different scenarios but both are viewed by the IRS in the same light. This issue is compounded further given that many U.S brokers are refusing to accept non resident clients.

As an expat American you want to know that any solution employed will:

  • Be tax efficient in your country of residency
  • Will comply with the IRS and FATCA
  • Will be tax efficient should you return to the U.S.
  • Provide a diversified investment strategy

Speak with our U.S desk today and one of our experienced advisors will be happy to discuss these solutions with you. Alexander Peter Wealth Management are here to help expat Americans around the globe. For clients that return to the U.S or for other expats resident in the U.S, we work with CFP’s in the U.S on a collaborative basis. We also work with CPA’s that understand the needs and reporting requirements for expat Americans.

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