International Pension Planning

For many expatriates around the world it lies upon their own sholders to fund for their retirement. Even if your employer does provide a pension scheme in many cases it is wise to consider additional saving for retirement. Particularly for those in areas with favourable tax rates or those with particulaly good expat packages.

We help expats globaly take advanatge of their circumstances and provide for their future. This method of saving for your retirement  is called  " planned  savings" and  is recognized as the most effective way to achieve your  retirement goals

The Alexander Peter Pension planner is an offshore regular premium or single premium investment plan.  If you would like to increase your investment or switch funds we can select from a range of investment funds.

The Alexander Peter Pension planner is intended to be a medium to long term investment, ideally for 5 years or more.  We will continue to manage this plan for our clients and additional investments can be made to existing portfolios as any time. 

Many clients also like plan with guananteed levels of return and capital protection, whilst others prefer investing in the markets. Whatever your choice is, we are here to help..


You can control the tax point by choosing when to take the benefits which can be useful if you become a lower rate tax payer, or if you have moved to a different country with a lower tax rate.  If you are a UK tax payer, you can withdraw up to 5% of your original investment each year for up to 20 years without  triggering a chargeable event.  Taking regular withdrawals can be a tax efficient way of using the plan to provide income.  This benefit is cumulative, so you can carry forward your 5% allowance if you don't use it each year.  Please note that withdrawals to provide an income will be taxed as a return of capital.

Please get in touch for more information or download our guide to planning for retirement.

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