EU Approved Savings Plans

As a UK ctizen now resident abroad you know doubt have exisiting savings and investment plans. Whilst funds in tax efficient vehicles such as ISA's, PEP's and other UK or offshore accounts is good planning whilst UK resident it is now unlikely that these solutions will remain as efficient. In fact you will likely be attracting income and gains after tax is deducted. EU approved accounts on the other hand offer a direct tax advantage. Specific plans designed for expatriates in their new country will offer income tax and succession tax advantages. Please see our specific country pages for more information on where you live or download one of our guides for more in depth information.

EU approved savings plans can offer investment accounts and savings opportunities from private banks or from household names such as Prudential, Friends Life International, Old Mutual International, Generali Pan Europe and SEB International amongst others.

If you are an expatriate who is residing in a European location, and you plan to remain in Europe, there are specific tax benefits to help you plan for the future. There are a number of different specialist products available to different EU countries and depending on your location we are able to recommend a secure financial savings plan that offer the best security and of course the best possible return on investment.

There are a number of ways to bank if you reside in Europe and as an expatriate it can make sense to invest your funds into EU approved savings plans that work for you. Flexible or long term accounts can help you plan for the future whether you intend to pay for property, tuition fees, secure your pension and of course invest for your future or your family’s.

Why choose Alexander Peter Wealth Management?

As an entirely independent company Alexander Peter Wealth Management is not affiliated in any way with banks and other financial institutions so our expert consultants can assist clients who are looking for secure approved savings plans that are sourced direct from the EU marketplace.

Our consultants are based in a variety of  EU based locations and we can assign an expert who can listen to your plans and propose specialist products that will help secure your funds and get the best return.

For expatriates living within the EU our expert network is able to source the best and most tax efficient and tax legal solutions to meet client needs.

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